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How Becomes Telepathic Bonding?

The existence of the living organism has mechanisms far beyond the skeleton, organs, and musculature. Research has shown us that the genetic codes of the body can be used to heal conditions specific to identifying the source of damage to the body. Today we want to talk about energy beyond our senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

What is telepathy? How is a telepathic connection established? Telepathy, which is called a special talent phenomenon, exists as a more advanced dimension of the sixth sense, the ability of foresight. The trial-and-error method for an extrasensory perception event gives us an idea about this.

Elements Subject to Telepathy

Today, some people claim to give ideas on this subject through counseling on social media. However, telepathy is a subject of parapsychology and requires a detailed and comprehensive follow-up. Telepathy is an extension of paranormal activities. It has enabled the measurement of brain waves to have psychic abilities.

Parapsychology was included in the psychology literature in the late 19th century. Over time, it contributed to the creation of laboratory and experimental environments for effective results.

Telekinesis is a more advanced form of telepathy. It is another field that aims to move objects through thought.

The telepathic ability must contain some elements in itself. For example, the ability to read thoughts, distract someone with the ability to concentrate. We can even add qualities such as causing associations and communicating with the person. Of course, this requires two elements.

The first is a receptive telepath whose mind is open to perceptions and passive. It is also a transmitter who aims to create an effect and makes it felt with the energy waves he sends.

How do I Know If I am a Telepath?

Sometimes random tests and methods are insufficient to prove that you are a telepath.  That is, whether the person is open to telepathic influence and uses their energy. Likewise, thought is a dynamic structure. Controlling and organizing this dynamic energy is only possible through a planned and concentrated state. Nowadays, some short-term tests are not sufficient for the results of this situation for telepathy, i.e. extrasensory clairvoyance.

One of these telepathy tests is the ESP test. Zener Cards were invented by psychologist Karl Edward Zener to contribute to the science of parapsychology. It contributed to the effect of the power of telepathy, albeit indirectly. Karl Zener worked extensively on sensory perception methods. In the 1930s he designed cards with geometric symbols.

There is a circle, a triangle, a wavy line, a plus, and a star symbol. They are known as signs that are supposed to be powerful symbols for imagination in the mind.

Dr. Zener and his assistant Rhine believed that if a person had perception beyond sensory ability, research would advance with the prediction of these cards. At the end of the Zener test, research deepened in people who scored above 20% success. It was explained that the purpose of the test was mind reading rather than an advanced ability to act through thought.

A Zener card for telepathy test. Geometric shapes. Circle, plus, waves, square and star symbols.

Distinctive Features of Telepathy

The fact that telepathy is based on feeling and focus, independent of intelligence, has also attracted attention. In other words, it has brought to the agenda that this feature also exists in animals other than humans.

Some studies have emphasized that the factors that increase the power of telepathy are love and strong bonds. This technique, which does not require a certain interval and space based on place and time, shows its power with the characteristics of the subjects. In other words, it is possible for a concentrated transmitter to transmit intensely to the receiver and for the receiver to keep his/her perceptions open.

Sometimes observational methods are added to this competence, such as reading the future and choosing good and bad decisions. Shamans, who acted as a kind of seer in ancient Shamanist societies, are said to have used telepathic powers with nature to receive information about the future.

In New Zealand communities, which are still called Maori forest tribes today, the indigenous people spread this method in their lives under the name of secret science. They even work with experiments on telekinesis, the technique of object movement through communication.


In schizophrenia, on the other hand, assumptions, delusions, paranoid thoughts, and telepathic connections are not accepted. In reasonable clairvoyance, the principle of confirmation is in question.

In this respect, the telepathic ability is confirmed under the control of the receiver-transmitter relationship. For this reason, it is also possible that this condition, which can often be confused with delusion, causes a deceptive definition in psychology.

An empathic approach is known as moving into the position of the other being and making sense of their feelings. Although there is the ability to understand demeanor and speech, this is still superficial. In this sense, telepathy makes it possible to read sensory energy to the other party even with eye contact, lip movement, and posture.

Examples of Telepathic Situations:

Sometimes there are interesting situations that many of us come across. Of course, it is premature to consider it a paranormal situation. However, it happens that sometimes you hum a song in your heart and 5 minutes later you hear that song from somewhere. Or a friend of yours pops into your head for no reason at all. He or she calls you very soon.

It is probably possible to describe that moment as being in a space. A deeper time of the mind, open to direction. We tell our friend who calls us that we were thinking about him/her at moment. I am sure many of you have experienced such a coincidence. Sometimes we are all open to telepathy without realizing it.

Among the examples of foresight phenomena, there are similar situations in animals. Unfortunately, one of the experiments was for a rabbit whose baby was far away. The mother rabbit felt it and cried in pain when her baby died. Sometimes a mother’s heart also feels the emotion of a soldier who is martyred during a conflict.

We often read news about this. Twin siblings feeling the same emotions towards an object, loving it, avoiding it. They have similar concerns when they are far away. In some, this foresight may be accompanied by unexplained mental distress, restlessness, or joy. This situation seems to be a foreshadowing of approaching energy.

The World’s Most Talented Telepath

Wolf Messing. The most famous telepath on the earth

There are also names recorded by science with the ability of telepathy. Wolf Messing was someone who is said to be able to read the minds of others as they were. He is known as a Polish Jew and Soviet Telepath who lived between 1899-1974. So much so that his misfortune pushed him to change someone’s perception through thought.

Messing, who boarded a train illegally, was 11 years old when he did this. No matter how much he hid, the boy could not escape the control and handed a piece of paper to the ticket inspector as a ticket. But in the meantime, the ticket inspector stared at him and transmitted suggestions to his brain for him to have the perception he wanted.

It is still a mystery as to what consciousness the attendant had at that moment to stamp that piece of paper as a ticket and pass it to Messing.

However, this trial-and-error method later became one of Messing’s specialties. In the entertainment venues where he worked, he found many hidden objects by assigning tasks to people by guessing. This talent helped him to increase his fame. Missing, who met Einstein and was followed by many scientists, was also one of the people who were consulted to find lost items at that time.

A Mysterious Life

Hypnosis, suggestion or telepathy, or all of these. Another example of Missing is that he was imprisoned for his prophecies. Missing, who was imprisoned on Hitler’s orders, escaped by using his special power. When Messing was asked how he did it, he said that he first allowed himself to relax and gathered his emotions within himself.

He also explained that when he released his thoughts, he caught the thought waves outside himself. In this way, he said, it was easy to tune his thoughts like a radio transmitter. Missing, whose life was threatened by sections of Russian politics whose predictions were seen as a threat, was protected by Stalin.

-For what we call concentration, there is no doubt that everything we work on releases energy through concentration. They say the human brain is complex. But through communication in this way, which leaves the brain a bit passive, it becomes clear that emotions are also a serious force.

Telepathy, inherent in human, animal, and even plant nature, perhaps acts as a shield for survival. Like every object that takes shape as we work on it, our energy can shape many features we are not aware of. As long as we humans continue to wonder, the infinity of science will continue. Because the clues to our existence continue to exist everywhere at every moment.


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What is Telepathy?

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